Website Design and Development

You need a website that attracts visitors, keeps them on your site, and gets results. We deliver custom website designs that generate brand engagement & conversions.

Carefully Constructed Experiences​

We strongly believe that creating strong, customer-centric experiences based on best practices, market research, and accessibility is the best way to achieve your return on investment. Your business is unique, and so your website should be as well. We start the exploration into your customer journey with core foundations in UX and UI.


The User Experience (UX) is the first thing that a project must focus on when considering the customer journey. Market research, User Profiles, Mood boards - it's all part of the process. It all adds up to a delightful, effective solution and a memorable user experience.

  • Market Research​
  • User Profiles​
  • Mood Boards​
  • A/B Testing​
  • Accessibility​


The User Interface (UI) is critical to the success of your website. Every detail must be properly thought out, have a purpose for existing. That's why every project starts with wireframes and prototypes. Then, everything is designed mobile-first. Because that's what the user expects.

  • Wireframes​
  • Prototyping​
  • Feedback​
  • Responsive​
  • Functional​


We don't get caught up in throwing around names and fancy acronyms, because it's not important. We focus on just using the right tools for the job, we don't believe in flexing. When we speak shop, we speak it in a way that you can understand.

  • Semantic​
  • Optimized​
  • Minimized​
  • Modern​
  • Efficient​

What Helps Us Shine for You

At Koi Interactive, we adhere to the customer-focused way of doing business that is centered on helping people and solving their problems in the ways they want them to be solved.

Mobile Friendly​

We always craft sites with fluidity in mind, with a simple and clear structure for user friendly navigation. Your website will look great on mobile devices and beyond.​


We don’t just design things, we build them. Our development team works hard to help integrate design with functionality for optimum performance and support.​


We believe that clear and concise communication is essential to the success of any project. Throughout the product lifecycle, we will keep you updated every step of the way.​


Our team has experience in a wide range of web design specialties and we strive to bring them together to give you the best possible solutions.​